a letter to myself.

Dear Jazmin,

Looking at this picture reminds me of all the beautiful things you have become. You have grown into a women of strength, dignity, fearlessness, and unwavering faith. You have become a beacon of light for others and yourself when times get dark. You are the true definition of resilience.

Over the years, I have seen you fight through the endless struggles of being misunderstood and learning to understand the power you truly possess with your introverted spirit.

I am proud to say that you have arrived. While many counted you out, you continued to bloom anyway. You pushed through the dirt of adversity, grew closer to God, and begin to demand exactly what you deserve from yourself, your life, and others around you. 

Jazmin, I am here to tell you that you are God's greatest gift to the world and you have been anointed to do great things. Not just great things, phenomenal things that your limited views of the future couldn't even imagine right now. 

Be patient and trust God with everything in you. God didn't bring you this far to leave you. He has provided you with everything you need to continue to prosper and flourish into t he beautiful flower you have grown to be.

Fear not the future, but be at ease with the present, and at peace with the past. Love yourself unconditionally, believe in your greatness, and stop doubting your God-given gifts. You have a light that can't be dimmed and gifts that only you can see through and manifest. Everything will fall into place, just the way God intends for them to. All you have to do is have faith, believe, and be patient. GOD IS LOVE.