[romantics] - ladies, be selfish in your twenties.

Ladies, you are way too magical to be waiting around and collecting dust for the next dude to get it. There is absolutely no room for boys falsely disguised as men to waste your time. Entering your twenties is a decade of your life that should be dedicated to you, your growth, your passions, your purpose, and your relationship with God. It's not the season of your life to be sulking in sadness over disappointment, heartache, and plain ole' disrespect from any dude. Your twenties are for stacking paper, excelling at what you love, developing meaningful friendships, figuring out what sets your spirit on fire, and pursuing that passion everyday of your life. No boy or man can heal your wounds or fill the voids that ONLY you have the power to overcome.

A relationship isn't a rescue but a responsibility that requires time, energy, and effort. And let's be clear developing the most healthy and fruitful relationship with yourself is the most slept on key to success and its sustainability in your twenties. It's priceless and it requires you to be selfish.

Selfish, strategic, and intentional about who you are and what it takes to become who you want to be. If he's not adding to your growth and glow, let him go. Settle down with yourself, be selfish, and acquire the success you deserve. Your twenties are meant for the takeover.

Take it from Judge Lynn Toler. GET INTO IT!