in a sentimental mood with 2017.

2017 was my wildest dreams and darkest nightmares colliding and crashing together as one.

2017 was my yin and yang.

Grace, gratitude and growth could only merely summarize what this year has been and meant to me.

I spent the first half of this year in New York and the last half in D.C. Between these two locations I got to know the beautiful and ugly parts of my soul. I explored the unknown, grew out of my comfort zone and took bold risks. 

I made peace with my past, confronted my fears in the present and developed unwavering faith in my future. 

It was an experience of loss and gain. Struggles and success.

Screen Shot 2017-12-31 at 8.20.15 PM.png

The first six months I spent running.

Running from the doubt, fear, pain and hurt I had known for so long. Running from the fickle friends, non-believers and nay-sayers. I ran from my insecurities, my failures, heartbreaks and shortcomings and darted Godspeed ahead towards the places, spaces and dreams that made me feel whole.  

The last six months were spent confronting what I ran from.

Confronting doubt with doing, fear with faith, pain with peace and hurt with happiness.

Those first six months of running turned out to be the development I needed. Development of the muscle, strength and fortitude to confront all that I had left behind when I decided to be alone with self. 

I am grateful to have learned how to run this race called life at my own pace, pleasing and purpose; with God at the forefront of it all. At times I was short of breath and felt I couldn't go on. Despite those feelings, I prevailed.

I still prevail. 

2017 was the beginning of my marathon run towards meaning, miracles and manifestations.

A marathon I will continue to sprint towards no matter the year.