Beating the odds when you feel like "the other."

When I was a little girl, I fondly remember always being and feeling like "the other." It was a feeling I wanted to be set free from, a reality I didn't want to live in. I always seemed to be the target for trash talking or the chosen butt of someone's joke. Kids were mean and as I got older those kids became meaner teens and the cycle continued in the later years of my childhood. 

Many of times I was conflicted and unsure of man's rejection of my light and God's purpose for choosing me to endure those unique trials and tribulations. I would question why he made me this way and for a long period of time I refused to accept and resisted the irrevocable callings and gifts God placed on my life. I was determined to do things my way and was completely sold on the idea that it would work. I decided being the underdog was a pointless part of the process. That I'd had enough and would skip straight to the part where I was on everyone's radar. I ended up disappointed.

Seeking man's validation misconfigures God's unique calculation of why he put you on this earth. You either allow the opinions of others to subtract so much from you that you lose who you truly are or you let too many small minded souls add so much of their two cents that you end up somewhere you never wanted to be. You deny the essence of your being and forfeit your authenticity.

I'm thankful God didn't let me run too far away from my truth that I ended up convinced and content with living a lie.

When I started resisting man's validation and stopped rejecting God's love he placed me in continuous seasons that bore freshly ripe fruit. God placed me before great men, allowed my gifts to make room for the life of purpose he always intended me to have, and let my testimony be a testament to others of why God's love is unfailing.

Being "the other" is an opportunity for God to use you, not an obstacle as we often think we must fight alone. Surrender to the truth and own your identity. Remember we are more than a conqueror through God who loves us.